Until the summer, the lantern plant (physalis) is inconspicuous. The leaves are light green and ovate, the flowers white or yellowish and small. But in the autumn, the flowers develop calyxes that resemble Chinese lanterns. The calyxes contain inedible fruits. The color of the lanterns is generally bright orange. This makes this cheerful plant easy to combine with other fast growers.

Sow or buy the lantern plant?
It is fairly easy to sow lantern plants directly in the intended place, but indoors the yield is often greater. You can also share older plants. Spring is the ideal time to find a place to sow your lantern plant. If you buy young plants, make sure that the plant does not show yellowed or withered leaves. The more the clod is felted, the better the plant will do. Incidentally, the plant is also called a balloon plant, because some plants have calyxes that resemble orange balls. The lantern plant is a fast grower, so you should always take this into account when you are looking for a place where the nice lanterns come out well. The plant will also not grow higher than 20 to 30 centimeters. If you place the plant near less strong plants, it is best to do so in a container or at least cut off the roots with a spade in the spring. Otherwise, this plant will definitely proliferate.

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